At Cargo Huddersfield we:

  • Are Licensed Credit Brokers.
  • Are FULLY Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliant.
  • Offer a VAT assist on all Commercial Vehicles. 
  • Could HELP if you have adverse credit or have been refused.
  • Support 1st time drivers with access to LOW PRICE insurance.
  • Provide a full range of fully regulated financial & insurance services choosing from a huge selection of providers.
  • Put CASH in your bank account, if you want to finance your current car to release equity.

If you feel you need credit and you can cope with repayments but are worried you might not qualify please speak to US.  We deal with a range of credit providers not just the mainstream companies highlighted.  Some of our providers will supply credit without credit checks and can open doors that might otherwise be closed.

Our aim is to tailor an individual Finance and Insurance solution to fit your personal circumstances, to assist your ideal car purchase, without presuming to provide actual financial advice.  Therefore, although we have indicative potential finance arrangements shown for our cars for sale please contact us for an accurate quotation for your individual circustances.

The video on this page is there to help explain the two major types of finance arrangements available but, once again, it is best to discuss your individual situation with us to understand the options available fully.

Also if you need cash (and who doesn't! ) and already own a car we can help, even if you haven't bought from us. We can finance your current car to release equity and put cash in your bank account. 


So, please call 01484 55 95 95 or submit an enquiry using the form below.

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